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Inventor Hamish Scott believes STARPATH-PRO (in a convenient DIY pack) will provide governments and councils around the world with a sustainable, energy saving solution to meet the challenge of lighting pathways in parks and public facilities

London – – October 2015 – – STARPATH-PRO is the brainchild of STARPATH, launched to worldwide acclaim in 2013 by renown inventor Hamish Scott, owner of Pro-Teq Surfacing (UK) Ltd. Such was the overwhelming response to the arrival of the STARPATH phenomenon, the challenge has always been to expedite the roll out of this ground breaking technology to meet the global demand in a cost effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable way. STARPATH-PRO is the vehicle now delivering STARPATH technology to the world, and with it significant energy savings for governments, councils and DIY enthusiasts alike.

As Hamish Scott says, “The last few years have been quite a journey. Our patented spray applied system has allowed us to pioneer leading edge resurfacing technology, while also paving the way for the delivery of our energy saving STARPATH technology to the world. We are very proud of what we have achieved to date, although I feel we are only just scratching the surface with regard to the benefits photoluminescent technology can offer the world. STARPATH-PRO affords STARPATH technology a global reach far more readily than would be achieved with our spray applied system, and is a cost effective, energy saving and sustainable solution for everyone”.

Scott continues, “Our STARPATH technology has been enhanced further to facilitate the production of the STARPATH-PRO packaged product, which is available to purchase online in a ready to use container shipped to anywhere in the world. It’s so easy to apply and anyone can use it. STARPATH-PRO provides a safe, more environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to outside lighting, with the added benefit of having a stunning appearance both day and night. This product is perfect for trades people and DIY enthusiasts alike”.

STARPATH-PRO is packaged in a 25kg container consisting of STARPATH’s photoluminescent natural stone aggregate mix and a two-part polyurethane resin binder, allowing the user to create a natural appearance pathway in the daytime which transforms into a captivating soft blue luminescent glow at night. The newly installed surface takes only 3 minutes to mix and once applied is suitable for foot traffic after only 4 hours. Ideally STARPATH-PRO should be applied to tarmac, concrete or other hard surfaces.

Please see installation video link attached here …

Hamish Scott is well on his way to achieving his vision of delivering STARPATH technology to every country in the world; and with a touch of a button at you too can order your STARPATH-PRO and see your pathways come to life.


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